Christian Life, Prayer — September 6, 2015 at 11:58 am

ECWA USA DCC Week of Prayer, Sept 8th – 14th



MONDAY – September 8th
Praying for DCC exco, Council members, Fellowship Leaders AND Fellowship groups

TUESDAY – September 9th
Praying for Local Churches: New York, Maryland, Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta & Dallas

WEDNESDAY – September 10th
Praying for Christians trapped in ISIS controlled Iraq & Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Nigeria

THURSDAY – September 11th
Praying for Prayer Cells – Columbia, Xenia, Houston & Los Angeles

FRIDAY – September 12th
Praying for the DCC Headquarters development project – urgent funds needed

SATURDAY – September 13th
Praying for Church Plant work in St. Paul, Boston, Greater LA, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & Denver

Plan on generously giving towards the support of the DCC and its numerous unfunded projects. You will not be any poorer by giving to God.

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