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The Immaculate Conception, painted around 1652 by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, in the convent of San Francisco in Seville, Spain

Mary, a Model for Islam?

Whatever else Pope Francis holds dear, vague notions of brotherhood and humanism—severed from any specifically Christian foundation—hold a certain pride of place. Pursuing those ideals apparently means sometimes it is necessary to overlook the stubborn fact that others do not share those same ideals, or view them in the same way. So, even though Islam explicitly teaches that brotherhood and […]

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Two nuns lay flowers in front of the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Basilica in Nice on October 30, 2020 during a tribute to the victims killed by a knife attacker the day before (Image by AFP)

The Church’s Islam Problem

After a series of terror attacks in France, including one that left three people dead at a Catholic Church in Nice, Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah said that the West must wake up to the threat of Islamism. “Islamism,” His Eminence said, “is a monstrous fanaticism which must be fought with force and determination.” But you can’t fight something with determination […]

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